напорный резервуар

полимерная мембрана


1、It can be used in drinking water supply system;
2、Polymer material, particularly light and never rust;
3、Not easy to deform, high tensile strength, goodtoughness, impact resistance;
4、Green and non-toxic,anti vibration, flame retardantand high temperature resistant, not easy to crack;
5、Resistant to various organic solvents and acid-basecorrosion;
6、Surface hardness, not easy to aging and fading;
7、Colors can be selected according to customers' needs;
8、The life span is more than 100000 times;
9、The ultimate bearing pressure is more than 3.0MPa;
10、Inflation pressure: 1.0-3.0bar;
11、Connector size: G1/2";
12、Medium temperatiure: 0-90°C(no freeze)

 Product display

 Performance parameter

Modle Capacity(L) Max Pressure(Mpa) Diameter(mm) High(mm) Connector Size(cm)
YGO.8VO.5LE(H)PPPP 0.5 0.8 115 105 G1/2 58.5x23x25
YGO.8V1.0LE(H)PPPP 1 0.8 80 134 G1/2 42x29x18.5
YGO.8V1.5LE(H)PPPP 1.5 0.8 100 175 G1/2 52x37x22.5
YGO.8V2.0LE(H)PPPP 2 0.8 115 184 G1/2 58.5x39x25
YGO.8V2.0LEPPPP(EP) 2 0.8 115 195 G1/2 58.5x41x25